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  • Drunken Fruit

    It's Adult Candy
    Brooklyn Born Created and Based
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    Cocktail Parties
    Corporate Parties
    Intimate Family & Friends Gatherings
    Special Events
  • Holiday Nights
    Drunken Fruit Champagne Cocktails

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    Compliments of the Drunken Fruit Candy Bar
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    Drunken Fruit™ Grapefruit, Drunken Fruit™ Mint Cucumber, Drunken Fruit™ Watercolor Melon
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  • Drunken Fruit

    Drunken Fruit™ is an all natural gourmet product, with no added preservatives or artificial coloring. Each jar is hand-packed.
    One of Drunken Fruit's greatest assets is its versatility, it can be a bottle appetizer, dessert topping, night cap, the perfect gift, party favor, aphrodisiac, recipe ingredient or whatever you desire.
    Drunken Fruit is perfect for weddings, corporate events, dinner and cocktail parties, intimate family gatherings, meet-up groups, shopping parties or a quiet night at home.
    Drunken Fruit is certified organic and every jar is carefully hand-packed.
  • Our Large Sizes

    Drunken Fruit is available in multiple sizes.The two largest sizes are the Drunken Fruit Party Size (1.5L) and the Drunken Fruit Vat(5L).

    The Drunken Fruit™ Party Size. Perfect for mid-sized corporate events, rooftop soirees, and large family gatherings.Serves 30 to 50 people.
    The Drunken Fruit™ Vat. Perfect for large weddings, restaurants, conventions. Serves up to 300 people .
  • Luxury Gifts

    Gourmet Gift baskets brought to you by Xcentrik Dezigns and Drunken Fruit.
    Meticulously curated and designed, these baskets are perfect for any gifting occasion. Drunken Fruit™ is found exclusively in these baskets.
    There are three levels available for purchase.
    The items may differ in size, quantity, curated brands and value.
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